This is crazy, you all just completely changed our email marketing game. This is going to be awesome!
Bob Watson
Vice President of Operations
The Link Companies
Over the past three years, the Gwinnett County Public Library System has invested time, money and resources to create an organization that has been nationally-recognized by the Public Library Association. That said, all the great programs and latest technology mean nothing if you cannot overcome the “old library” perception by residents. We partnered with Marbury Creative Group to rebrand and reintroduce the library to Gwinnett County citizens in new and inventive ways -helping them understand “all they’ve been missing.
Charles Pace
Executive Director
Gwinnett County Library System
Marbury Creative Group played an essential role in helping us purposefully define and develop a new brand position for our health system. We were battling negative perceptions around patient experience trends that were overshadowing our positive attributes. They managed to get everyone on the same page and build excitement around a new brand promise we could aspire to and deliver upon: “With You all the way.”
Cheryl Iverson
Vice President Communications
Dekalb Medical
Marbury Creative has been instrumental in identifying what makes us unique, and then communicating those selling points clearly to our clients – primary and secondary schools. Our 4-year relationship has moved far beyond the typical vendor-client approach, becoming true partners, brainstorming and collaborating together on initiatives to achieve our growth objectives.
Jain Reid
Square 1 Art
The Marbury Creative Group understands our business through the eyes of the customer and has helped to ensure we express our commitment to the customer in everything we do. We have depended on the Marbury Team to showcase our vision, mission, and core values through every communication from branding to videos, client and employee events, to web and print. They always rise to the occasion in making the out-of-the-box ideas come to full fruition with beautiful and seamless execution. It’s been a great ride having the Marbury Team as a valued partner to bring strategy and execution to life.
Tricia Stoeckig
Marketing Manager
At Halyard, we truly consider Marbury Creative an extension of our marketing communications and creative team. We work with them on key brand, product and marketing initiatives because they deliver on-strategy, on-brand creative solutions that result in measurable success. We also include them in upstream activity because they offer great ideas and perspectives – for product design, human factors, positioning, interpreting insights and other inputs critical to successful new product introductions!
Pam Strickland
Global Branding & Marketing Communications
Halyard Health

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