Alma Mater

Art Institute of Atlanta
Major: Design Print and Production

What's in the Cup?

Belgian Ale

Moonlight Gig

The All Being, Master of Time and Space (part-time, on the weekends)

Dave Dodson

Digital Production Manager

Dave is a jack of all trades (and a master of quite a few). An early adopter of the Mac, he found success in leveraging the latest technology in print design.  Little known fact: Dave beta-tested the original version of Photoshop. With the dawn of the internet, Dave spent the better part of two decades helping agencies maximize the use of new digital marketing tools. He has deep experience with all aspects of marketing, advertising, and helping organizations connect with their customers and communities.

As Marbury’s Digital Production Manager, Dave adds many skills to the team. He designs and builds websites and emails. He also films and produces videos and animation. Plus, Dave is an avid photographer.

Torx or Phillips Head? Torx
Half full or half empty? The cup is just too big
Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas (pirates are so overdone)
Marvel or DC? DC
Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors

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