Alma Mater

University of Georgia
BFA in Graphic Design

What's in the Cup?


Moonlight Gig

Beatles cover band performer

Carol Armitage

Senior Art Director

As senior art director, Carol is our “design story teller” and has some crazy awesome experience! Before working with Marbury, she worked at The Tog Shop, Cadmus Communication, and Fletcher Martin Assoc. with big retail clients like Bloomingdale’s, Turner, Macy’s and Coca-Cola.

Carol is responsible for the quality of our work, ensuring that the designs are strong and a seamlessly consistent expression of the client’s brand. Need more convincing? She has helped Marbury earn awards from The Ad Club, USA Graphic Design, How Magazine, AMY Awards, LogoLounge and Show South to name a few. Carol is also our go-to gal for illustrations, whether you need a fun or sophisticated style, she’s got you covered!

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