Alma Mater

Georgia Gwinnett College
Major: BA in Marketing
Minor: English

What's in the Cup?

Margarita for this Señorita

Moonlight Gig

Queso Inspector

Ana Echeverry

Account Manager

Ana graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College in August of 2018 and officially joined the Marbury team in September of 2018, after a five month internship with us. Before joining Marbury, Ana wrote blogs for The Odyssey Online, she was the social media manager for Armen and Joseph Jewelers, and was the assistant event coordinator for the City of Duluth. All of these jobs led her to the agency life, where she plans to stay for a long time.

As the account manager, Ana manages accounts including Sebacia, Atlanta Gynecology & Obstetrics, City of Duluth and many others. She also has a knack for research, so she’s always down to research a more technical subject and is always the one that knows the “ins and outs” of her accounts and products. If you have any future campaigns or projects in Spanish that you would like us to work on, ella habla español, and we are up for the challenge! Ana is here to make sure you are getting everything you need, keeping us on track and you in mind.

Teleportation or super strength? TELEPORTATION! I want to see the world!
Sleeping or Eating? Sleeping, but I am training my body to do both simultaneously. 
Burgers or Pizza? Let’s make a pizza burger and call it a day.
Summer or Winter? What if I ask for Fall y’all?
Unintentional rhyming or unintended puns? They don’t call me the PUNisher for nothin’! (no one calls me that….yet.)

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