Vinegar Tips

Selling Vinegar with Technology

How do you sell more of your product when you’re the highest volume manufacturer in the world? Build an App! Ok, it’s not that simple. But Mizkan didn’t have anywhere to go, but UP, and WHENEVER somebody buys vinegar, there’s a good chance our client made it. So we built a website and an app to promote “all things vinegar” to folks who love the home remedies and taste that only vinegar can give.

Get it Monthly

How do you keep consumers interacting with your brand on an ongoing basis? Try a monthly newsletter — but not just a bunch of text sent out via Mail Chimp® — make it colorful. Remember the consumer has one question: “What’s in it for me?”  Answer that with tips, coupons, special contests and plenty of photography.  We handle it all from “idea to email” and continue to add names to the list today!

When it’s OK to Talk about Yourself.

We get pretty adamant about NOT talking about your brand more than 20% of the time on social media. That’s not what it’s for — unless your brand is “vinegar.”  We create videos and posts to remind consumers about all the wonderful things vinegar can do to make life better. It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. If you need a quick video for social media, we can help (thanks iPhone®)!