Unique Projects

Read All About It!

If you have a lot of content, stories and information to share with your customers, you might consider creating a magazine or catalog. We can help you develop a plan for developing each issue, create the name, layout and branded identity, handle the printing and distribution, and keep it all moving on time and under budget.

Your Own TV Show

If you have enough content, you might consider developing a TV show that can be shown on a specific local access or cable channel. These media outlets are often looking for content, and your brand could fit the bill. We have created two such shows: “MedStories,” for Athens Regional, and “Back Talk” for North Fulton Pain and Spine Center. Let us handle the brand name, the interviews, filming, B-Roll, editing to television format with station breaks, intros, outros and theme music.

Animated Holiday Cards

Each year we design 4-5 animated holiday cards for clients looking for a new way to share holiday greetings with their customers. Let us review your brand, consider how your name and logo might be animated to tell a story, and produce a fresh holiday wish for your customers.

Drawing Out Feelings

We love photography, and work with some award-winning photographers; but, sometimes an illustrative approach will make your message stand out in unique ways. We can work in a variety of styles from watercolor to flat digital design, and will draw out the perfect plan and execution for your next project using illustration.