Marketing Minutes

Snapchat’s new cameo animated selfie-based video feature allows you to take a selfie, which is then automatically “animated” and inserted into a short video. There are currently 150 videos to choose from, which are AI-based. This takes the concept of “deep fakes,” from nefarious to entertaining!

Canada Goose just opened a new store in Toronto, but it doesn’t actually sell any clothes! It DOES have a daily snowstorm though – with real snow. Canada Goose will use the store to facilitate brand engagements and let visitors try on inventory, but they have to purchase online!

You’re used to seeing futuristic car lairs in superhero films, but they’re becoming a reality. Starting at the low price of “seven figures,” people are using them to host parties and events in their homes. It’s becoming such a reality, that Aston Martin has even set up a division solely for bespoke garages.

You’ve likely seen some unique AR (augmented reality and VR (virtual reality) experiences by now. Ever wondered how difficult it would be to create an AR experience for your company? It’s getting easier and more cost effective every day; and it isn’t just for the big brands any more.

IHOP, your favorite childhood pancake behemoth, is getting into the growing To-Go breakfast game with Flip’d. A pilot store is opening in Atlanta in April designed for people to drop in, pick up their food and go. The new fast causal concept has plans for expanding into other large cities within the year.

Airbnb announced it would sponsor the next 5 Olympics for $500 Million. As a tie-in to the deal, the company will let athletes sell personal experiences via Airbnb’s platform. For example, a track star from Trinidad could offer running outings through Airbnb. It’s still to be determined how much these experiences will cost, so who knows how much you can pay to get smoked by an Olympian!

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