Marketing Minutes

There’s a time and place to sit down and stream a movie or binge a new series. However, there is now a platform to fill all the times in-between, like while you wait for your coffee. Quibi is a short-form mobile video platform designed for short episodes in ten minutes or less. Quick bites for your quick moments!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of most in-person celebrations, Natural Light is hosting a virtual celebration via a Facebook Live event on May 14th. They will be featuring speakers and actors in an effort to boost spirits. They are getting lot’s of attention and a little press too!

As the world navigates the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes are adjusting; Marbury Creative Group is no exception. We’re used to being in the office, but adjusting well as we’ve been working from home. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way!

Netflix has emerged as the preferred streaming service during the Coronavirus outbreak.
A survey outlined that people believe Netflix has better shows and movies than its competitors. The top show right now is the addicting Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The answer to our entertainment needs

Do you know what’s not cool? A warm adult beverage, that’s right. Brumate took the design of the tumblers we see everywhere and made them specifically to handle alcoholic drinks. That means using their BevGuard technology to eliminate that metallic taste other insulated bottles produce.

Maybe the best thing since sliced bread? Bourbon Foods in Japan just released a new slice product option, Mayonnaise. Depending on what side of the condiment fence you land on, you may be repulsed or rejoicing. One of their flavor types is spicy cod roe, worth a try? Marbury is opting out.

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