Kids Tell it Better

Successful ad campaigns are built on a strategy to meet a business goal. They also must have a concept to tie emotion to information, because people BUY on EMOTION, and justify their purchase on LOGIC. “Kids Tell it Better” works because you have the innocence of children talking about a strategic subject in their own simple and often playful ways. Adults can’t ignore them – it’s in our DNA.

This isn’t just child’s play, either. “Kids Tell it Better” works for any company in any industry — the more complicated, the better. Our proven and unique way of casting, informing, filming and editing will ensure your campaign stands out and meets your goals. Don’t go cheap — go POWERFUL. Read our blog on kids in advertising.

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Cut You Open

How Old Are You?

Eyes Behind Their Head

Hospital Stay

Doctors Tools


What About Storks?

How Did You Get Here?

Did You Know What’s Tricky About Broccoli?