The Craft Beer Industry Isn’t Dying After All

Is there anything better than an icy cold beer on a hot summer night? We can think of maybe one thing: an icy cold craft beer. There’s been a lot of speculation that the craft beer industry has been shrinking over the past few years. However, since state laws have shifted to allow on-premise sales, craft brewery revenues have continued to increase. The “at-the-brewery” channel grew last year, especially among Millennials, who many thought were responsible for killing the craft brewing industry. 56% of Millennials drink craft beer at least once a week and are spending more on average than

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Plant Based Protein Continue to Sprout

If two vegetarians are arguing, is it still called a “beef”? All jokes aside, plant-based proteins and diets are growing in popularity. As of 2018, 20% of food and beverage dollars came from products that met a plant-based diet. This is the result of a growing interest and appreciation for a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable food source. It may seem like another health fad or trend to you. But, the number of consumers adopting a completely vegetarian diet is not increasing, rather we’re seeing everyday consumers adding plant-based options into their diet or replacing ingredients (like creamer or

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Domain Extensions: is .fun considered .cool?

When you think about a website, what comes to mind? Typically, you would picture the layout, the colors, maybe even the navigation or features. The URL is probably not high up on the list of things you think about, but it is arguably one of the most important parts of the site. And the same is true for your company’s website! When creating a new website, picking out the URL is often the fun but complicated step. The URL should represent either the brand, the services offered, or maybe even highlight a well-known catchphrase or slogan. But what about the

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Embrace (And Accept) the Future in 2019

While your marketing plan is likely already set for next year, we know that plans are made to evolve as the year goes on. Many companies had discussions around their 2018 marketing successes and carried them into 2019, with some new innovative tactics. That’s a good place to start, but we always like to challenge our clients and think of things from another angle. You should bring some winning strategies into the new year, but your marketing strategy, specifically for social media, should always adapt to your customers’ interests, and there are new audience segments constantly coming into play. How

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Cricket Flour, CBD, and Crazy Cocktails — What’s New for Food in 2019

Cronuts. Cold brew coffee. Sous vide cooking. The food and beverage world has just as many trends as fashion. Each year, new foods, drinks, and cooking techniques are introduced to the world, and while some fade away after a few months, other inventions have cemented their place at the table. Just like any other industry, the food and beverage world is looking forward to 2019 and all the exciting (and sometimes weird) new creations that will soon be gracing palettes everywhere. We just had to share a few of our favorites, so sorry if you wind up hungry by the

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Make Your Pop-Ups Work For You, Not Against You

Remember pop-up books? They brought a little extra magic to storytime by adding a third dimension to the pages, and drawing us further into their imaginary worlds. Regular books just weren’t the same after you got a taste of pop-up books! Now, as an adult, “pop-up” might bring on a totally different range of emotion. Maybe annoyance, confusion, a dash of anger, or – every once in a blue moon – mild acceptance. Pop-ups in the adult realm now primarily describe those little boxes or entire screens that appear on a website we’re visiting. For those outside of the marketing

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