The New World of AR

You’ve likely heard about Augmented Reality (AR) by now, but a lot of people are confused on where AR and VR begin and end. Where Virtual Reality (VR) creates a new world, or a copy of our existing world, AR provides an enhanced or altered view of the world around us by superimposing graphics and 3D objects on top of our real world, in real time. Remember hearing the buzz surrounding Pokémon GO – an early AR game that placed characters on screen wherever you pointed your camera? As cool as that was (for a while,) the application of AR

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What’s Brand Got To Do With It?

What does the word “brand” mean to you? Do logos and slogans come to mind? Maybe products or services? “Brand” and “branding” are multi-purpose terms that are fundamental to all facets of running a business. Your brand affects your marketing, your email signatures, your office layout, even the font you use! At Marbury, everything we do revolves around helping you stay true to who you are as a company, which means knowing your brand is vital to everyone’s success! Our Creative Director, Rob Marbury, walks us through the many hats that brands can wear. Make Your Mark The word “brand”

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