3 Ways to Make Your Site “Voice Search” Friendly

Every generation has their life-changing technology leap. The leap of the late 1800s generation? The invention of the automobile. If you lived in the early 1900s, your leap was the in-home refrigerator. The 1970s generation saw the birth of the cell phone, and the 1980s ushered us into the world of the internet. So what is the current leap? Do the names Alexa, Siri, and Cortana mean anything to you? Our homes are filled with devices smart enough to run them with a simple voice command from you. Not only is this an age of incredible convenience, it’s also an

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How to Advertise on Facebook Like a Pro

Advertising has had many faces over the years. From hieroglyphics to sandwich boards to Super Bowl ads, the way we communicate has changed with the world around us. Most recently, the explosive popularity of social media has once again shifted the advertising world and created a new frontier of social media advertising. People spend, on average, over half an hour a day just on Facebook — and we know that number is probably on the low end for many! That is a huge amount of captive time in the eyes of an advertiser, but it is also highly competitive time.

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Domain Extensions: is .fun considered .cool?

When you think about a website, what comes to mind? Typically, you would picture the layout, the colors, maybe even the navigation or features. The URL is probably not high up on the list of things you think about, but it is arguably one of the most important parts of the site. And the same is true for your company’s website! When creating a new website, picking out the URL is often the fun but complicated step. The URL should represent either the brand, the services offered, or maybe even highlight a well-known catchphrase or slogan. But what about the

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Embrace (And Accept) the Future in 2019

While your marketing plan is likely already set for next year, we know that plans are made to evolve as the year goes on. Many companies had discussions around their 2018 marketing successes and carried them into 2019, with some new innovative tactics. That’s a good place to start, but we always like to challenge our clients and think of things from another angle. You should bring some winning strategies into the new year, but your marketing strategy, specifically for social media, should always adapt to your customers’ interests, and there are new audience segments constantly coming into play. How

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Boosting Your Brand AND Your Posts On Social Media

Unless you’ve been living in total seclusion the past few months, you know that social media is no longer the bountiful marketing playground that it once was. Thanks to Facebook’s scandal, social media platforms have gotten incredibly protective and selective about what can be used and visible to users. For those of you who rely heavily on social media to market your companies and brands, what do you do now? How can you combat these new rules and regulations on your favored social media platforms and still get the most bang for your marketing buck? George Carlton, our Social Media

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Marketing Into the Future with AI

It’s always fun to watch movies from a decade or two ago that forecast crazy technological advances. Back to the Future thought we’d all be floating around wearing clothes that fastened themselves. Other movies predicted our cars would have wings instead of tires, that space travel would be as common as taking city transit, and robots would be an integrated part of our society.

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