Digital Ads, Geofencing, Natural Search — Are There Any Unique Advertising Ideas Out There Anymore?

The advertising space is loud and crowded. Everyone has something to say and customers and clients are on the receiving end of it all. This can lead to messaging fatigue and an overall “over it” attitude for your audience. But you still have to get your message out there! So what do you do? At Marbury, we love a good challenge, especially when it allows the team to flex their creative muscles. Each client’s project needs are unique, but they all follow a common theme: find a way to stand out! We’ve compiled some of our favorite unique advertising ideas

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The Birth of a Logo

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Andrew Grant In marketing, you have mere seconds to catch your target market’s eye and convince them to give you their precious attention. Planning your messaging and branding with this in mind is key to having a successful presence in your industry. Consumer mindsets change, though. Messaging will fluctuate as industry trends evolve. But there is one element of company’s brand that should represent company values, unique selling propositions, and offerings all within an instant: Your logo. Every company dreams of having “Golden Arches” notoriety and brand cult

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