Digital Ads, Geofencing, Natural Search — Are There Any Unique Advertising Ideas Out There Anymore?

The advertising space is loud and crowded. Everyone has something to say and customers and clients are on the receiving end of it all. This can lead to messaging fatigue and an overall “over it” attitude for your audience. But you still have to get your message out there! So what do you do? At Marbury, we love a good challenge, especially when it allows the team to flex their creative muscles. Each client’s project needs are unique, but they all follow a common theme: find a way to stand out! We’ve compiled some of our favorite unique advertising ideas

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Healthcare Advertising – It’s Time To Get Emotional

When you were a kid, chances are you thought about growing up to be a doctor at some point. As a doctor, you get to help your patients (your favorite stuffed animals) feel better, you get to use cool tools, and you rattle off your name with “doctor” added before it and feel exceptionally awesome. Then you grow up, and you realize it’s hard work to become a doctor — lots of school and hours of keeping up with certifications, patient records, regulations and more. Of course there was a time when people went to the doctor because they were

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Real Brands in a Fake World

Our clients sometimes ask us if advertising is really like the show “Mad Men.” Like many things, the shows highlights some realities with a dramatic and fictional exaggeration. However, while the ad agency (and accompanying storyline) was fictitious, many of the brands mentioned in the show were not, such as Lucky Strike cigarettes, Bethlehem Steel, American Airlines, Jaguar, Hilton Hotels, and Coca-Cola. Since the show ran for seven seasons, one can imagine the huge amount of products and companies that were featured on the show. So, while binging over a rainy weekend, did you ever wonder how the show successfully

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How to Use Milestone Marketing in 2020 — And Beyond!

How old will your company be in 2020? How about 2021? People celebrate “milestone” birthdays, like 30, 40, and 50, and we think it’s important for companies, too. At Marbury, we love helping clients celebrate their impressive anniversaries with what we call, “Marbury Milestone Marketing.” We hope this article may inspire you to do some marketing of your own. If your company is celebrating a major milestone (we suggest at least 20-25 years in business) in 2020, you should start the party planning now! Milestone Marketing is an interesting and sentimental way to celebrate your company’s longevity among your team;

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3 Healthcare Provider Issues Marketing Can Heal

You may be thinking, “A hospital needs marketing?” As a healthcare advertising agency, we cannot say “yes” enough! Healthcare advertising does not mean hiring a dancing sign holder to stand outside of your practice, nor does it mean creating those cheesy “used car lot” commercials to get new patients in your doors for a “low, low price!” Marketing for healthcare providers should build your credibility in your community and effectively tell the story of why your hospital or practice should be that prospective patient’s first stop when they need medical care. Healthcare marketing is also a great way to address

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What is a Healthy Healthcare Marketing Budget?

If you’re a hospital or large physicians practice, you pride yourself on the depth of services you can provide to patients in your area. Your doctors may be some of the best in the nation, your ER wait times may be some of the shortest, and you may have thousands of happy former patients who literally owe you their lives. But what good is all of that if no one knows about it? Healthcare marketing can seem daunting when you’re standing at the starting line. There are so many moving parts that must be coordinated to make the investment worth

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