3 Ways to Make Your Site “Voice Search” Friendly

Every generation has their life-changing technology leap. The leap of the late 1800s generation? The invention of the automobile. If you lived in the early 1900s, your leap was the in-home refrigerator. The 1970s generation saw the birth of the cell phone, and the 1980s ushered us into the world of the internet. So what is the current leap? Do the names Alexa, Siri, and Cortana mean anything to you? Our homes are filled with devices smart enough to run them with a simple voice command from you. Not only is this an age of incredible convenience, it’s also an

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3 Healthcare Provider Issues Marketing Can Heal

You may be thinking, “A hospital needs marketing?” As a healthcare advertising agency, we cannot say “yes” enough! Healthcare advertising does not mean hiring a dancing sign holder to stand outside of your practice, nor does it mean creating those cheesy “used car lot” commercials to get new patients in your doors for a “low, low price!” Marketing for healthcare providers should build your credibility in your community and effectively tell the story of why your hospital or practice should be that prospective patient’s first stop when they need medical care. Healthcare marketing is also a great way to address

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Plant Based Protein Continue to Sprout

If two vegetarians are arguing, is it still called a “beef”? All jokes aside, plant-based proteins and diets are growing in popularity. As of 2018, 20% of food and beverage dollars came from products that met a plant-based diet. This is the result of a growing interest and appreciation for a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable food source. It may seem like another health fad or trend to you. But, the number of consumers adopting a completely vegetarian diet is not increasing, rather we’re seeing everyday consumers adding plant-based options into their diet or replacing ingredients (like creamer or

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Millennials Are Transforming Healthcare: Will Your Practice Merely Survive or Are You Poised to Thrive?

As the largest generation currently in the United States, Millennials are having a major impact on just about every industry. Healthcare is no exception. With the current healthcare delivery model in the United States, the roles between patients and providers are clear-cut and leave little room for flexibility or innovation. But the mindsets and habits of Millennials don’t align with this traditional model of delivery – and healthcare brands must either adapt or run the risk of getting left behind. A Deeper Look at Millennials Unlike any generation before, Millennials grew up with new technologies, computers, and access to the

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The New Spirit of Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry gets us excited (and hungry), and we love serving our clients in this industry. In order to serve them best, we make sure to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry, which means educating the Marbury team at events like RCA. This past week, we traveled to Louisville, KY, for “Savor the Spirit of RCA,” a conference featuring research chefs sharing the newest trends and innovations in the industry. The conference is full of fascinating seminars and events as well as an expo with national food manufactures.

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A Look Inside…The Organic Food Consumer

Organic foods have been trending upwards for the better part of 15 years. In 2002, The USDA released its national standards for organic products, officially bringing the movement into the mainstream. One year later, organic foods were available in 73% of conventional grocery stores in the United States. Now, consumers can readily find organic foods everywhere from mainstream supermarkets to gas stations to big box discount retailers…even Walmart has a house organic brand. While organic foods were originally associated with those that are extremely health conscious (and with higher household income), today’s buyer has become much more complex. A study

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