We aren’t just creative, we have values too!

A clear vision and strong values are the heart and soul of any company. As a creative studio, our outlook is a little different than the average joe, so we wanted our values to reflect that. As we are closing out summer and gearing up for the fall season, we figured it was a good time to reflect on what the five Marbury Creative Group values mean to us. Have faith Steve Hearn, Account Director: Having faith is an integral part of the company and also for each of us as individuals. Of course, the Christian values that serve as

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Marketing Into the Future with AI

It’s always fun to watch movies from a decade or two ago that forecast crazy technological advances. Back to the Future thought we’d all be floating around wearing clothes that fastened themselves. Other movies predicted our cars would have wings instead of tires, that space travel would be as common as taking city transit, and robots would be an integrated part of our society.

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Healthcare Advertising – It’s Time To Get Emotional

Of course there was a time when people went to the doctor because they were the most convenient one, or the one their family always used. NOW with insurance in the mix, and so much freedom of choice for the patients, doctors don’t just sit around and wait for revenue to come in the door.

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