Why Every Business Should Be Using Content Marketing

Back in the day, every town had a hardware store, a grocery store, a barber shop, and any other vendor you could ever need. Each of these establishments was run by someone who had likely grown up either in that town or nearby and was part of a multi-generational family who had called your town or area home for decades. These owners and managers were valued resources in their community, due to their community ties, personal attention to customers, and endless supply of knowledge about what their establishment offered. [READ MORE]

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What the Facebook Scandal Means for You

It’s nearly impossible to go online and not read “Mark Zuckerberg” and “Facebook” within a few seconds. You probably fall into one of two categories: you know exactly what’s going on and you’re two seconds away from deleting your Facebook profile in protest, or you just keep scrolling past all mentions of a Facebook scandal and are choosing to remain blissfully unaware. [READ MORE]

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Why Google Might Be Flagging Your Site

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How to Become a Gold Medal Storyteller

Are you still having Winter Olympics withdrawal — No?—Just us? Every two years, the whole world gathers together to root for their home team. What is the global draw to the Olympics? The sports and athletic prowess of those competing are big crowd draws, for sure, but most people would likely say they tune in because of the athletes’ stories. [READ MORE]

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