Marketing: It’s All About the “Feels”

There’s an adage my mentor shared with me years ago: “It’s not what you SAY to customers. It's how you make them FEEL that counts.” Think about the last product you purchased. Why did you purchase it? How did you feel after you purchased it? How do you still feel about the product? [READ MORE]

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Natural Search: Work Smarter, not Harder

You can grow your business the hard way: hiring teams of sales reps to cold call, send e-mail blasts, and knock on doors. Or you can grow your business the easy way and let the Internet do most of the work for you. Industrial cabling and structure firm, Tendon LLC started working smarter and it paid off big—$1,000,000 in new business their first year! [READ MORE]

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The First 100 Days

It’s been just over 100 days since  I started working at Marbury Creative Group. For those that aren’t strong in math, that’s just over 3 months. As is often the case, this milestone is often used as an internal yardstick to look back and assess progress that has been made from the start to this point (just ask any former US president). [READ MORE]

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Kids in Advertising

The other day my nearly 3-year old granddaughter said,  “Grampy, I am going to come over and babysit you and G-Ma today, and we’re gonna play in the orange fwimming pool very well.” [READ MORE]

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Are you scared of the agency monster?

About 2 years ago, we went to go meet with a potential client that was a well-established organization with a lot of “agency needs.” They were a great prospect for us, as we had experience in their industry which we very much enjoyed. They asked us to come meet with a few members of the marketing team to give a capabilities presentation. A very friendly and competent group, they seemed like they could be great clients. [READ MORE]

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